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Hustler Super Z - problems with model

Hi, just wanted to start a thread about Hustler SuperZ mowers. I recently bought one of these after having ten years in the industry... I have been extremely disappointed by the product - would definitely not recommend it for a quality product.
The main problems are:
extremely rough ride which makes the deck bounce like mad, in this case then the cut is not smooth as when the deck slams down it creates scalping and crop circles - not a good look when you are trying to provide professional lawn cutting. Have had the mechanics re-set the deck, replace forks, etc. Terrible ride - wouldn't recommend it to anyone looking for something decent that will produce a quality job. Apparently this is not just my model either, this is just how all of them are. I plan to put up a video on youtube to get the word out there as I feel they are selling something that doesn't live up to the quality they are selling it at.

Second problem is that due to the forward and back jerking you are left with nausea and whiplash feelings even after a couple of hours use.
In turn, you can't use it for its fast speed as there is no way you would cope going over fairly smooth terrain with all the bouncing and jerking!

I have been to the ends of the earth in trying to get this problem resolved as I would have not thought spending quality money on a commercial mower like this to expect to be buy such junk.
I don't what other people out there think, but it certainly doesn't ride like a thoroughbred as it says in its adverts.
Stay clear - choose another brand over this one and you won't be disappointed!

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