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Hey Mickhippy, Yes i agree with regards to the spring tension, I told the dealer the springs had to be wrong but they maintain that they are the correct springs. If I end up having to keep the mower I will put some smaller springs on there for sure and that will likely help the problem a lot if not entirely. However at this point I cant continue using the mower until the rough jerkyness is dramitically improved, maybe my lawns are a lot worse than the normal however im comparing from other brand mowers i have owned and used in the past and have never experienced this.

With the grass clumping issue, my other zero turn a dixon, it had a similar issue whereby the grass flap was laying too low so the grass would hit the flap and be deflected straight onto the lawn in a trail, rather than dispersing out evenly. So I resorted to always having the flap lifted up, which isnt safe and made even more dusty than normal but had to do to get and even dispersion of clippings. I guess you have tried this already though? sorry havnt looked through your post as yet, was javing trouble registering yest, but managed to get signed up tonight. will have a look.
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