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Originally Posted by cuttin-to-the-Max View Post
Seems like you're jumping in too early...(NOT BECAUSE OF YOUR AGE) Just because of your companies Size. Im not going to ask what you're biggest account is but if you're not currently doing any accounts equal or BIGGER I wouldn't even waste my time.

Don't get me wrong, Having b_l_a_n_k_Hospital On your reference sheet looks FANTASTIC, But if you can't provide for them THEY WILL "F" YOU UP!

The Liability is HUGE.
Yeah take everyone else's info Call the prop. manager, Facilities Mgr. Etc... But most wont even return your call!

If You want some real advise start calling local restaurants, stores, and plazas. Most plazas are dealt with through a property manager. Once you get the mgmt. company pursue in that direction. But those aren't always easy either! GOOD LUCK!
You need to read his last reply, he doesn't want advice, only who to contact.

Which tells you something right there.
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