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Originally Posted by Rick13 View Post
I'm working on adding back up Rigid led lights to the dump trailer.

Then I'm going to install two 5000 lbs step bumper receivers (from Harbor Freight Tools $19.99 each) to the rear of the dump trailer. Once I get those installed, I'm going to make a hitch out of tri-folding aluminum loading ramps (Harbor Freight Tools, again $99.99 each x 2).

I will have a steel frame (for strength), with aluminum ramps (reduce weights) so I can mount my Ecolawn on the rear of the dump trailer. I will place rubber on the steel and aluminum contact points ,so it doesn't have a chemical reaction.

Then I will install two led brake/turning lights (6" each, Harbor Freight) on the carrier, and with two hitches....I will have a very sturdy carrier. Overkill, yes....but if you are going to make some, make it right the first time!!!

Under the carrier, I will run some angle "L"... so I can store the other aluminum loading rumps under the carrier when driving.

By having the Ecolawn on the rear of the dump will enable me to carry more compost while keeping my machine safe. And when I get to a customer's house, I will unhook the two receivers and place the carrier under the it's out of my working way.

I will post some pictures when I get it done. Looks like it might take me a week to or minus a day or two.
Heres the trailer you need then,

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