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To get a little more specific on mine, within that 5 county radius, our farthest client is about 65 miles. It's part of a local grocer chain we maintain. We have to be willing to drive a little bit in order to get what we do commercially. I guess that's always been sorda our niche, there are a couple "rural" counties and it seems like no one wants to go there due to the roads, but yet there are businesses and the businesses don't want to deal with your everyday Joe Blow, they want a company who is legit.

Salary... I have two full time guys who both make $15/hour. It's unique in the fact that our season runs from late March till usually early December. These two guys actually own a snow removal business and that is their income for the winter. I have never had any desire for snow removal and it works out great for me. They are happy to be making money in the spring/summer/fall and have their own income for the winter. Two great guys too by the way, both father figure types for me.

I also have 2 or 3 part time college guys during the season, between $8/$10/hourly.
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