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Originally Posted by CL&T View Post
MTBE is not methanol, it is derived from methanol and isobutylene.

Forgeting for the moment that ethanol and MTBE will destroy rubber compounds which include fuel lines and other fuel system components, there is nothing that can be done about phase separation where the gasoline and ethanol laden water separate out. This is not something manufacturers could "get ready for" by doing anything about.

Well, lets see. Two cans of dry gas is what, 40 oz? Mix that with 20 gallons of fuel what do you have, about 1.5% if my math is correct.
30+ years ago when GM learned that the Gov. mandated that alcohol be added to gasoline changed the rubber composition and other parts of their fuel systems to withstand the use of alcohol. GM did so could the small engine manufacturers of done that.

Back then GM said told the Gov that it's cars would have no problem with 10% ethanol but only could go to 5% methanol. Anything over 5% methanol would dissolve the TERN anti rust coating on the inside of the fuel tanks to prevent corrosion. Because the TERN coating contained lead and that lead would mix with the fuel eventually ruining the catalytic converters.

As to separation which you brought up first I say one can't be lazy and leave fuel in tanks to long or use stale fuel.
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