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Originally Posted by Jet Mech View Post
Any grease is good when applied frequently. Due to the load requirements and not being a high speed application the cheap moly based grease will work.

Do remember to unload the spring tension (under deck access cover) to the idler pulley pivot point when greasing it. It tends to neglect the portion of the cavity that requires the grease the most, thus, resulting in pivot bushing wear.

As always; "Grease is cheaper than replacing parts!" Keep up the preventative maintenance and grease away.
Good point there! I usually work the idler pullies back and forth after greasing them to work the grease in there.

Earlier in the season, I was having issues when turning left on my belt drive 36" WB. I tried adjusting the tension on the drive belts and that didn't help. Plus, I replaced the drive belts last season and the engine-transmission belt earlier this season. Then I remembered I hadn't greased the idler pulley on the engine-transmission belt in a while. I gave it a shot of grease and worked the pivot arm back and forth a few times.... BAM the belt slipping was fixed and it turns left like a champ now. Somehow that belt was slipping a little when turning left.
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