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Originally Posted by Razorblades View Post
IMO, the main reasons for the full depth deck being the "Industry Standard" on commmercial mowers is not because they excel at cutting tall,thick grass at high speed, it's because they are more versatile, being able to Side discharge, mulch or use a bagger with. Also because they chop up the clippings more doesn't hurt either.

What actual percent of Commercial ZTs sold do you think are sold with the MOST important reason being because of how well they cut tall, thick grass?
Less than 20%, I'd say.

Why don't you see if you can find an Everride Warrior or a Gravely Pro Ride to demo, use borrow rent etc... next to your JD ZT. That is what I did in the summer with the Scag Wildcat. I know what my experience was between the two. Wouldn't you say that hte Velocity plus deck will discharge as well, if not better in tall,thick grass than a JD 7 Iron. Ive read quite a few pepoles experiences that have used both that have said the Velocity plus discharges a little better than the 7 iron in those conditions.

I just think that you're wrong to assume that the Pro Ride or EverRide Warrior will perform nearly the same as the other Tunnel decks that you've used in the past. You could be right but until you've tried the EverRide Gravely deck side by side with your JD, you just don't know for sure. I bet the EverRide Pro Ride deck also has a good bit larger opening than the JD or Toro tunnel decks.

Sorry guys, for hijacking the thread but I will defend my experiences against others that make generalizations about certain types of equipment that my experiences didn't bear out the same results that are claimed by others.
I have never once seen either of those two machines anywhere- ever, and we used to do a lot of long distance driving on weekends before it got too expensive. They must not have been popular in this area, or I'm sure I'd have seen at least one or two by now. I doubt a demo is forthcoming.

BTW- the discharge on mu CUT's deck is very close to the size of the one on my Z. I'll have to measure it today if I get the chance, but it's close, and the Deere Z's have huge discharge openings. I really don' believe that the V+ discharges any better than the Deere Pro deck. It does leave the clippings longer though.

You may be right about why the manu's use full depth decks, but going by the info they post on either their sites, or in their brochures, they use the full depth decks for the reason I stated above- being able to process large amounts of grass at faster speeds.

I have had mulching kits for many tunnel decks and still do have one for my CUT deck. I also have had several baggers for them, and they both work perfectly with a tunnel deck. In fact, I'd say that the mulch kit is one area that the tunnel deck is superior to the full depth deck. At least it has been so far IME.

I would say that you are certainly in the minority in this industry as far as your opinion. If not, like I said, we'd see far more tunnel decks being used by the manu's. Yes, there are always exceptions to every rule, but it would take posting pages and pages of stuff to compare each brand and type of deck in detail, so most of us post about things particular topic like in general, not specifics.

It's amazing. I haven't seen you post here for quite some time now, but one little mention of a tunnel deck and, POOF!! there you are! Now I know how to get in touch with you if I ever need to.
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