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As a potential customer, why would I hire someone to blow snow on the days that they want to? It's either all or nothing. I hire someone that does it every time it snows, or I don't hire them.
I can understand if you get up at 4:30am and clear your stuff before school, and then again at 3:30pm you clear it when you get out of school, but to say you will only do it on your days off won't fly.

Moving snow stinks. Two years ago I was moving snow on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve. You can bet I didn't want to, but it snowed and I had clients so I did it. We don't move much snow anymore, it just isn't worth it. If I didn't have two little boys at home I would be all for it.
There is a reason guys charge a high hourly rate to move snow. You need to get paid enough to make it worth it.
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