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Do not finance anything starting out. Overhead will kill you and it will eat up all your profits. I would do what others on here have said. Buy a nice used walkbehind and a little trailer you can pull behind your truck. A hydro walkbehind will allow you to mow all minds of accounts from small strip malls to bigger commercial properties. When I started out 12 years ago I had a Ford Ranger and I bought a new 5x10 open tilt trailer. I had a John Deere LX188 48" mower and that is what I used the first year. The next year after I had saved up the cash I upgraded to a Toro 52" ZTR. There are so many people that go so far in over there head right away and they are trapped or stressed because the payment is due and they don't have the income to pay it. Check Craigslist for a nice mower. I have seen a lot of nice stuff on there with very low hours and would last several years yet and cost a lot less than a new piece. Trust me I made the mistake of financing stuff and it sucked and got me in serious trouble. Now I run on if I want something I pay cash or I don't buy it. Dave Ramsey is a good person to listen to and I live by what he teaches. Just be smart and invest that money don't blow it all on a something that drops in price as soon as you load it on a trailer.
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Just because you had problems doesn't mean everyone will have them. If he did his homework, there's no reason he couldn't finance and still make a profit. It's definitely hard and most small businesses take 5 years to grow enough to sustain a income through the entire year. I'm about there now. I've grown considerably this season and have a 12 month income generated. I could sit back and do nothing all winter and not deal with snow removal but the money is even better when it snows.
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