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Well even though you saw germination as soon as 5 days, it can take up to 28 days for seed to germinate. If you just aerated in thin areas and want thick turf, you sometimes have to top dress or, at the minimum, cover the areas that were seeded with a mulching material. Even better would have been to "rough up" those areas so the soil was loose before seeding.

Aeration seems to work best for established turf not necessarily for getting grass to grow in bare or very thin areas. I think thatís a big misconception, especially with calls from people I get.

It wouldn't hurt to put down some more seed in those areas that you are not satisfied with. You still have some time in zone 7a. If possible, I would use some organic soil material and/or a mulching material to ensure that seed stays damp and protected until it gets rooted.
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