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Originally Posted by pmservices View Post
I'd never use an online scheduling service to do winterization. I'm doing between 20 to 30 per day with one compressor by managing very tight routes. A zip code would never cut it as I only service 2 zip codes with an 8 mile radius. Even within a single zip code you could be running back and forth across town all day long if you let the HO do their own scheduling. Maybe I'm lucky, there are about 5,000 systems in this area. I likely could only do 10-15 day if I was zig zagging all day. Just keep the cell phone at your hip and your schedule in a small 3ring binder and add them in on the fly so you can plan your groupings tighter.
This works great when you are a one man show, but when you have multiple crews, managers, and one person answering the phone you need a way to "sync" it all.
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