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Overseed jobs... abort due to low overnight temps or opt for Dormant seeding?

Overseed jobs ... abort due to low overnight temps or opt for Dormant seeding and spray paint mark sprinkler heads due to irrigation blow outs....?

This happens every year. Swimming at the lake one weekend then cold weather hits with a vengeance.

For cool season grasses what is lower ideal germination limit for overnight temps for ideal germination results....? Then combine that most sprinklers are being blown out now.

The other glitch is our September has been brutally dry and warm and even the irrigated lawns with marginal coverage have been hit hard.

Anyhow just a bit frustrated...what is YOUR criteria for overnight and daytime temps for good overseed results....? Like I said Iím at the point were Iíd prefer to just spray paint sprinkler heads and wait till February or early March and do an dormant seeding and call it good. The huge advantage is zero worries about irrigation from spring rain etc.
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