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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
I have never once seen either of those two machines anywhere- ever, and we used to do a lot of long distance driving on weekends before it got too expensive. They must not have been popular in this area, or I'm sure I'd have seen at least one or two by now. I doubt a demo is forthcoming.

BTW- the discharge on mu CUT's deck is very close to the size of the one on my Z. I'll have to measure it today if I get the chance, but it's close, and the Deere Z's have huge discharge openings. I really don' believe that the V+ discharges any better than the Deere Pro deck. It does leave the clippings longer though.

You may be right about why the manu's use full depth decks, but going by the info they post on either their sites, or in their brochures, they use the full depth decks for the reason I stated above- being able to process large amounts of grass at faster speeds.

I have had mulching kits for many tunnel decks and still do have one for my CUT deck. I also have had several baggers for them, and they both work perfectly with a tunnel deck. In fact, I'd say that the mulch kit is one area that the tunnel deck is superior to the full depth deck. At least it has been so far IME.

I would say that you are certainly in the minority in this industry as far as your opinion. If not, like I said, we'd see far more tunnel decks being used by the manu's. Yes, there are always exceptions to every rule, but it would take posting pages and pages of stuff to compare each brand and type of deck in detail, so most of us post about things particular topic like in general, not specifics.

It's amazing. I haven't seen you post here for quite some time now, but one little mention of a tunnel deck and, POOF!! there you are! Now I know how to get in touch with you if I ever need to.
I've read where the older EverRide's did pretty well bagging with their setup that was used on the gen 1& 2, which were the ones that used the Kohler 27 and kaw 25 (old rating) hp. Those baggers used a blower setup that was driven off of the pto clutch. In other words, it wasn't mounted at the deck.

I don't have much experience with mulching with a commercial mower so i can't really offer any useful info about mulching. I do have the full mulching kit for my Lastec, but haven't used it.

You may be right about the full depth decks with the large discharge openings being able to Process huge amounts of grass at a high speed better than tunnel decks. I just know that I have not experienced the superiority of the full depth deck in my particular weekend of using both side by side. However, I was testing them in the middle of a drought and very hot temps. I wanted to specifically test them in the "tougher cutting conditions" of the hot summer on the bahia I have to cut. I cut some weekly, biweekly and the very overgrown yard that weekend, so as to get a variety of heights and thickness of the grass.

For what it's woth, I never had any discharge, cutting clean or clumping issues this year with the Pro Ride when cutting at a high speed, even before the drought.

I'm used my opinion being in the minority on serveral topics. Maybe that makes me wrong on them, huh. It doesn't bother me (obviously) to go "against the grain, or popular sentiment" when I choose the equipment and mower brands/models that I do. Yes, it would be alot "easier" to go with the safe, popular, most reputable brands every time I purchased equipment. But I think that there are less popular brands of equipment out there that will do as good of a job as the most popular brands will do.

What is amazing is that I was able to buy the Gravely Pro Ride only 9 miles from my house and also be able to demo an EverRide Warrior a few years ago, only 25 miles from my house. It is amazing that there are no dealers around you in a state with a lot larger population than my state for these Brands. I thought i read in another thread that you were going to demo a Gravely Pro Stance. But you couldn't arrange for a demo (not that you should) of a Pro Ride from the same dealer?

I read threads in Lawnsite every day or night, I just don't post that much unless it is about topics that I have experience with or occasionally just an opinion on or maybe a question. I'm only 52 years old and while I have been cutting "part time" for about 10-11 yrs now, I just don't have the amount experience that alot of you have. So I keep my opinions to myself on those topics that I don't have experience or at least some 2nd hand knowledge with. I like to read you guys posts on the topics of interest to me. I enjoy them but don't always agree, but that's OK.

BTW, if you need to get in touch with me, there is this great user cp feature called the PM.
Enjoyed the discussion.
Have a good day RG.
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