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Originally Posted by LandFakers View Post
My 36 pulls hard up hills no matter what as long is I'm in 3rd gear and lower, but I also am using a sulky on it %100 of the time. It sounds like you have a problem. You try new belts?
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So you say it's not normal and orangemower says its is normal.

No, haven't gotten new belts. Maybe that's it? I don't know? Thinking back to when I first got it, I really don't remember having any problems like this unless I just forgot.

Originally Posted by orangemower View Post
It's a belt drive mower, what more could you ask for out of it? If you don't like the common problematic issues with a belt drive, find a good hydro mower to replace it. Other then that, you're right there in the thick of things as far as common problems with belt drive mowers. Some people like belt drive mowers. I'm not one of them. Switching gears to back up got old fast and the CC/Lesco 36 I bought went right back to the dealer.
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