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I'm going to disagree with virtually every other person who posted here. At 19 I purchased all my equipment and financed it without a single customer. All I had was drive and a plan. I did already have a truck and a small trailer. My finance program was 3.9 percent with no payments for the first 6 months and then payments were $200 a month after that. I did have a part time job during my first year to cover my personal living expenses, but being 16, you have the benefit of not really having any personal living expenses. In that first year I did $22,000 in sales, didn't make any profit due in part to all the expenses of starting and new business, but also due to spending $8500 in advertising, BUT I set myself up for success for the following years. Would I do it all the same, not necessarily, would I recommend financing equipment, definitely. You have to watch your money, and play your cards right, but if you saved up thousands of dollars at 16 years old, I don't think you'll have any problems.

I do highly recommend getting quickbooks and sticking with it. The cost of the program will be offset by lower accountant bills when tax time comes.

As for Cheetah vs IS2000. I am a huge advocate of reducing the number of moving parts to decrease equipment down time. That is why I chose a fixed deck Wright Stander. You won't find a ride on ZTR with less moving parts than a fixed deck Stander. That being said given the choice between Cheetah and IS2000, I'd take the Cheetah hands down. Better yet, find a Wright dealer in your area.
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