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Originally Posted by ArTurf View Post
One thing has me confused, you obviously use & know alot about liquid ferts but you mention yours soil is too sandy for liquids?

You caught me. Yes sandy soil has leaching problems and might best be serviced with Granular slow release. But what is Politically Correct is not always Pragmatic. I keep my Nitrogen rates Low, Particularly in our Rainy season. My soil does have a large amount of sand but it also has a touch of Clay and Organic matter. So it does have some Chemical holding power. Note I said in the above I calibrate my tank mix to only apply 3/4 of actual N. I don't use 33-0-17 as my Blend as also stated above. I won't give out my actual mix, not that it would help you any how because of different soils etc. But IMHO I am not contaminating the environment because of the amounts I put down at each time of the year and Rainy season.


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