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Originally Posted by CL&T View Post
More to the point I really don't know why you seem to be pro ethanol. It does nothing except damage equipment and line the pockets of corn farmers and politicians. This is just another government program that benefits special interest groups at the expense of everybody else. Indirectly you even show that we would be better off with straight gas because of the problems ethanol causes.
Not pro alcohol unless we are talking beverages though I am pro cleaner air. But agree that many laws only get passed to make special interests rich and gov. intrude into and control our personal lives.

The only damaged equipment comes form the small engine manufacturers that refuse to use upgrade the quality of the materials they choose to use in the manufacture of their products. And users of such equipment leaving gas in the carbs for extended time without running dry or starting them up once a month to get the stale gas out of the carb/fuel injector/fuel lines, as well as those that continue to use stale gas are equal to the blame. You know the ones that have gas sitting in a can since Nov and pick it up in April to use.

Alcohol in gasoline has not caused me fuel system problems.
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