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Originally Posted by Kkane97 View Post
A big problem with the homeowner stuff, is that when you buy it the mixtures are usually off a bit. If they are made in a area of lesser elevation, the mixture would be set for that area, but when they get shipped around the air to fuel mixture wouldn't be the same, but buying from a dealer, a good one will adjust them for you. My dealer told me he can get a $2,750 fine for selling a carb adjust tool because of the EPA :/ Glad to hear you got it figured out

How much longer is left on your season up there?
Wow thats a big fine for something like that! I'm surprised.

I got it all working, but I already have a main trimmer and back-up which never gets used and is still new. So I'm gonna sell the HO Stihl to my brother.

The season seems to be slowly winding down, we've had a tiny bit of frost, and its progressively getting cooler, its supposed to be like 10 or 11 all weekend. I'd say about a month before the frost starts coming on heavy. The leaves are falling hard already so we'll start to clean those up pretty soon. I'm ready for some snow!
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