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Originally Posted by Bilrus61 View Post
Catapillar has absolutly nothing to do with the design or manufacturing of their small 3 cylinder engines used in the ZTR mowers. It is designed by Perkins and made in Japan by Shibaura, the same company that makes the small compact tractors for New Holland/Case. Before I would let a Cat tech work on a small 3 cylinder Cat engine I would call up my local New Holland/Case dealer and ask them about any issues. I would lay dollars to doughnuts they will know more about the small 3 cylinder Shibaura engines than a Cat tech that works on big monster engines every day and never has even seen one of the little "Cat"/Perkins/Shibaura engines in his shop. The only thing "Cat" about these engines are the stickers and the paint color. My dad owns a little 3 cylinder Shibura/Case compact tractor and they are killer engines. Never a lick of trouble. Very powerful with lots of torque.

I forgot to mention this, the Scag tech said the 35 Vanguard had been their real workhorse, and it was as I said, much more powerful than the 28 Cat. He and I were talking about power loss, and I told him the horizontal engine had a certain percentage of power loss by the time it transferred to the blades. He was saying even though the TT had a drive-shaft, there was still a change of direction for the engine to transfer power to the shaft. I told him I would guess the power to be in the 25 hp range at the blades, he said he did not know the percentage of loss but I certainly had his interest up enough to contact the factory and find out, and he would email me.
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