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Originally Posted by GreenBlade View Post
That's my plan. Being so close to the end of the season; I don't want to fool with it too much. It'll still be under warranty in the spring if the problem persists. I'll adjust the baffle up & get the blades sharpened up & balanced b4 the end of this season.

I've tried to get the blades off, but the spindles spin even with the blades blocked!
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There is a long bolt that goes all the way through the blades with a nut on top. When we change ours it's a 15/16 wrench on top 15/16 socket on bottom with a breaker bar. If you have an impact gun the nut on top. We have a scag tiger cat and cheetah, both are 61 inch cut and I have scag eliminator blades on the cat, and G-6 blades on the cheetah. I like the G-6 blades better so when the eliminator's are wore out I'll buy more G-6's
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