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If she has a rediculous system with securing her gate and its difficult for you to re-secure when you leave, you should tell her you dont feel comfortable doing it in future and in a polite way let her know she will need to secure the gate in her own way before she lets the dogs out. Its not your gate or your gate securing system, if it was a normal gate latch and straight forward that would be fine. but this is her made up system, her dogs, her property, HER responsibility to make sure her gate is secure BEFORE letting her dogs out again. If the job is a very good one and you dont want to lose it, then take the extra time to make certain the gate is secure, but if its just like your other 50 odd lawns and nothing special about it, then I would tell her you dont feel comfortable using these straps as your concerned if the dogs get out she will hold you responsible. Its her property, her responsibilty. If she wants people to cut her lawns, she either fixes the gates or secures them herself!
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