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I may be the guy your looking for to comment.
8 years ago I gave up my career in the restaurant industry . I was a general manager of a well known restaurant chain in the northeast . i managed a few different locations for them before I had the opportunity to manage one of they're best performing stores and I must say they were great to work with and I was always well compensated and normall appreciated . Great pay, good benefits, 401k , company trips for me and the wife. Etc.

I know what your thinking...................... But wait

1) my wife is a nurse who at the time was, not working. But was willing to do so. 3 little girls at home and the wife had not worked since the first was born.

2) my view on any service industry was just that. Provide a great service at a reasonable rate I would be successful.

3) I have my bachelors degree and how hard can it be to landscape right?

4) in the restaurant industry I worked all the nights and weekends that my kids had activities or family parties etc. I truly felt as if I was missing out on they're growing up.

So that's it!
My wife went back to work part time nursing for our medical and dental benefits and I quite my career to begin fresh.

The first few years were no fun at all, learning the trade and consistently increasing my knowledge base to become more proficient and better at my new career.

Now I worry about consistently increasing our customer base, retaining clients as we grow, payroll costs, operating costs in general, paying for the mortgage for my shop on top of my mortgage etc, etc, etc, .

I still work hard and long each and every day I can. The money is coming but you have to remember each time you take on an employee or purchase a new piece of equipment or a truck takes a dump that is directly effecting your pocket.

Am I making the money I used to when you include the total package?
Am I a happier person for the move and do we live comfortably?

I am now and if I want to continue to increase our company will continue chasing the bone.

Hope you make the right decision for yourself and your family. Good luck and feel to pm me if you have any direct questions.

Good luck to all finishing up this season.
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