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I have a JDZ950 gas and a JDZ997 Diesel both 72" and both bought brand new within 2 years (950 first and then 997 earlier this year.)
Vast differences in both.
950; Quicker, more maneuverable, easier to control, gas hog.
997; Much more power/torque, very fuel efficient, heavy as ****, not as responsive when making turns or zipping around.

In the end the 997 will make up the cost differences in fuel costs and longevity and ultimately cost much less than the 950.
2012 JD Z997 72" w/bumper guard
2010 JD Z950A 72" w/pro Suspension Seat.
2010 JD 2305 CUT with Backhoe, 48" Boxblade, Post Hole Digger, 48" Tiller, 48" Brush Cutter.
2005 Ferris 48"
1991 Toro Proline 62"
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