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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
I'm still pretty sure they aren't allowed to run power tools, either air or with a combustion engine. Once again, I might be wrong. So if that's the case what does a 14 year old do? Walk around with shears to cut the grass?
Correct, I read on a site minors are not allowed to operate string trimmers, hedge trimmers, etc. I read a 16/17 yr old can operate a mower under 20 PTO. What is 20 PTO? Or is it a typo & supposed to be 20 HP?

Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
I call shenanagans on any 14yo with enough capital to run crews and bid big accounts. It just doesn't happen.
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My son is 20 & couldn't believe the prices I was getting per lawn. He thought I was raking in the cash with 18 clients! We would gross in 1 day mowing more than he made in 2 weeks at McDonald's. I had to explain the expenses of running a business. Insurance, taxes, maitenance, fuel, his wages, etc. This kid must think his dad is just stacking the cash in the bank, probably thinks they're millionaires! I wonder if dad even knows the kid is takin over when he's 18?
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