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Originally Posted by GreenBlade View Post
Thanks for the tips. This is my first scag so I am dissapointed in the cut quality. Don't get me wrong, it can lay down some beautiful stripes. I chose scag because I always heard nothing but good things. The cut quality as of now however, compares to my Cub Cadet I had before this 😩.

I was also thinking maybe cutting height & speed. I cut at 3 1/2. I know you're suppose to cut high. I lowered it down to 3 1/4. Slight difference. As far as speed goes. I'm 3/4-full speed most the time I mow. I now mostly flat ground so I figure this wouldn't and shouldn't affect the performance.
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I'm a mechanic, not a cutter, but when you say "3/4 speed etc" do you mean the engine is at 3/4 speed? If so, that could be part of the problem. You wanna keep the engine and blades runnin at top speed all the time!
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