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Originally Posted by superdog1 View Post
I got the bright idea to take a bunch of commercial accounts this year. It seemed like the right thing to do?. I can tell you first hand it wasn't. I took all of them from a national that offered me the contracts.
The only positive thing that I can say is that the checks were there every month on the 12th and it kept my guys busy and working.

When a National wants to give up accounts that has to be a red flag.

It was not that they pawned off crap on you. You forgot to realize if these accounts were gold mines they would of not parted with them.

Something that is to good to be true never is.

Did you walk every property and determine what price you would of charged if you were dealing directly with the customer?

Did your prices of what you would of charged matched what the National was paying you?

Point is why take on work for way less then your normal rate?
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