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Originally Posted by pseudosun View Post
I've got this situation right now that i'm not quite sure about. My niece works with a girl (teachers) that lives diagonally across the street. She's married, but the husband works out of town alot. She dropped a note off and wanted to be a regular customer. I've managed to not actually meet her yet, because i've seen the husband giving me some looks. I text her, and she drops a check in my mail slot. I saw the dude parked in front of my house while i was working on my street. WTF? Does he have a camera set up to view down the street? When i'm working on my street, he coincidentally appears, and drives by me. I don't want to get in the middle of a marriage, and i didn't even do anything. The guy is big. I know this girl thinks i'm a nut for not meeting her yet, but i sense this will be a mess. Well, i'll keep doing the yard. I know he'sll never catch me on camera doing his wife. I don't want any of that drama.

are you trying to write a bad movie?
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