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Originally Posted by Restrorob View Post
That's what needs to be done, And it's technically called a ignition module..... Adjust the module to flywheel magnet air gap at .010 to .012" or use any common business card.....
Thank you for the prompt reply.
Since I don't like taking things apart without having the parts to fix it on hand I thought about it and figured that if I check the white wire to see if it was shorted to ground by checking the resistance the wire had to ground I could condem the ignition module without having to dissassemble anything. So I ohm'd out the white wire to ground and it was "open" so I would say that the white wire was not grounding out.
I guess I get to order an ignition module. I might as well order some maintenance parts while I'm at it like air filter, oil filter and belts. That way I shouldn't have to mess with it next season.

Any how thanks again.
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