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Im sorry about your experience with Commercial accounts but you shouldnt HATE Commercial accounts due to a NATIONAL Management co.

Yes a lot of national accounts do suck. But first thing you said, THEY did the pricing for work the YOU were performing. I NEVER take accounts like this. Its my price of nothing.

Also Personally In regards to snow, I rather be in my loader pushing a plaza for 3 hours than plowing 150 driveways..For one thing its soooo much easier on the trucks! Sign a Multi-year contract and you're guaranteed. Just be sure not to put all your eggs in one spot. I know a company who had 5 local Meijer stores and literally CRASHED when they lost the account.

We raised our prices and lost a lot of our cheap Resi customers. They all switched to Lowballers. The ones who stayed are the loyal/ bigger yards anyway. THose are the Resi's that i like! Also with 300 Resi's you're waiting for your checks FOREVERRRR! With most of my Commercial I know when their checks go out and for the most part its consistant! just my .02
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