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I am so glad to see this review. I am demoing a 61" Pro Stance next week and have been trying to find reviews but I have not seen any on the new machines. The dealer I have the V Ride demo from also sells Gravely and I ask him the other day which he would prefer and he said they have had good luck with both and that he would put the Gravely up against anybodies machine. I am demoing the V Ride till the Gravely comes in and so far I have been pleased with what I am seeing. But they would be willing to sell me the two Gravely for $1100 less than the Scags so that is pretty attractive to me as long as they perform as well as I need. Have you or will you be climbing any curbs with it. I'm not talking the rounded one I'm talking squared off ones. I have several of these that are for islands and I need to be able to climb on them to mow them. My Deere machines wouldn't do it as they would bottom out between the rear wheels or the back of the deck. Cut quality looks very good considering it was wet. Some machines seem to like the grass a little wet. I know my Deere always cut just a little better when the grass was a little wet.
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