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This is a true statement

Originally Posted by gusbuster View Post
Because any idiot with a mower that is thrown in the back of a car can call themselves a ground maintenance person.

Been in this trade for a very long time. The good professional people are the ones that last in this trade and make a comfortable living.

But until local municipalities hold the person who hires the fly by nighters responsible(notice I didn't say the worker) this trade will always have low ballers and idiots who make a bad name for the pro's in this business.

Then their's the boy next door image that will never go away. Part of Americana.
Municipalities go with the lowest bid, period, end of statement. Oh they'll say they want quality, but trust me on this one...they really don't care. They want to save money for their city, their state. Been this way for decades now in the bidding business. The Walmart approach to hiring lawn care pros has now permeated society where anyone with a craigslist ad can lowball anyone else out there...and the customers know this. They, themselves care less about quality as a general rule than those of the 1970's/80's era. Lived it, seen it up close and personal. The era of the lowballer is in full swing.
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