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Not really a way to protect yourself when dealing with churches

Originally Posted by pseudosun View Post
Sounds like an okay account because you enjoy it, but i'd be a little ticked that this has happened twice. Anyone can say "i want to try", and you have to sit back and take a cut in income. There's no way to protect yourself?
I've had this type of thing happen twice on this account over 13+ years, the money's good, like you stated...I like the property. You can play hardball with churches but really...I don't want to have to answer for that someday with the Big Guy upstairs. Churches and their managerial types are a different breed, kind of usurping normal business practices. Sort of like charitable grounds, you've got to keep your bids in line, keep the quality high and beyond reproach, and communications light and positive. That's why I've kept so many throughout the years in this somewhat volatile category. I can be both honest about who I'm dealing with and cash the checks as well. We all do that to some extent. We know, for instance, that bidding on city contracts will eventually lead to lowballers taking your work, regardless of your quality vs. their quality. We know that. Yet we continue to bid. I know that eventually a church wills screw me over...I'm not whining, I'm telling you and the fans what is reality. I've got an even juicier church story that just happened...concerns a Baptist black church in Raytown, MO...when I get some energy, I'll tell that one...
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