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Originally Posted by Greyst1 View Post
If you want to be fine when starting a LCO then yes buy all means buy a badboy. If you want to show up to win, succeed, wow your potential customer base, perform great work well then you will need to not choose a badboy.
No you may not specifically bag Bad Boy Mowers but this type of comment implies it.

You think Ferris is the best because that is what you own and paid alot more for a similar spec'd machine to the Bad Boy equivalent.
They all run the same components? don't they, so if you service them regularly they will last a long time. But most people do not so when it breaks they blame the brand.

Yes I do have a Bad Boy Lightning and my neighbour has a ferris. His has been broken numerous times. So is Ferris a piece of junk no! It just wasn't maintained properly.

My 2 cents worth, but I find the Bad Boy machines quite competent and at a better price point. If you want the best cut Keep your blades sharp and SLOW DOWN that is the main reason Walker mowers give a very good cut.
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