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One thing to consider. I think too many people don't properly maintain their equipment and just expect it to run, run, run with very little effort put into proper care and maintenance. No, you shouldn't have to be constantly be working on the machine, but you do need to take care of your equipment (routine oil changes, air filter, cleaning, greasing, etc). "My spindle wore out...this thing sucks!" Well, did you grease your spindles? "Yeah.....Like 4 times last summer." Oh boy...and you expect any machine to last? (having a hypothetical conversation with myself) Having said that - if someone does routine maintenance and a machine still starts falling apart (parts failing unexpectedly and far too often), then I'd call it a lemon and look for another brand next time. I've had great luck with even consumer grade mowers. For example, a simple Craftsman lawn tractor that mowed my own bumpy/hill 2.5 to 3 acres for 8 years with no unusual failures. I think I replaced an electric clutch for the blade engagement, but that's about it. I'm just saying...if you take good care of your equipment, that goes a long way to making sure it lasts a long time. But certainly, there ARE inferior products out there. Just don't make it worse by not taking care of it (maintenance).
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