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ok, you'll have to forgive me. when you say "ammend", what exactly does that entail?? is that like when you add lime/potash/super phosphate to get the pH and the fertility into spec before planting seed?

or is it something else?

also, as for a proper audit, I guess thats more entailed than my pH/N/phos/NH4 test I've done? where do you get this done and how much does it cost? I'll gladly get it done if I can afford it and post results. no problem with that.

as for pics, here's some of the big trouble spots. sorry they are dark but I didnt remember to take them until before I left for work this morning at dawn.

my front lawn is the worst is why I'm posting it. If I can get this to grow, I can get the back filled in lol.

first pic, is the close left of my house. just bare and scraggly. though up against the house, really nice st. augustine but I cannot for the life of me get it to spread. fiance put the little citrus tree in while I was out of town.

second pic, this is the other side of the sidewalk where I was standing in pic one. again, towards the top left where it is shaded, you can see nice st. augustine. the rest, a barren mindless field of crap. though annual rye grows nicely in the winter?

Here's the other half of the front yard. I didnt take a pic down the side of the house since that grows just fine and is full sunlight like the barren areas. My neighbors each have a live oak on the border of their property that shades the corners of my yard in front where you actually see some growth. no clue if the oaks are just sapping nutrients or not but I dont see that as I have neighbors with trees and great growth...neighbors with no trees and great growth..

this last pic is a close up of a weird area I've never been able to figure out. If you look in pic three, right close to the mulch area by the sidewalk, there's an area that has never gets thick I think because this stuff looks like mold or fungus of some sort. I've tried several fungus treatments and it never goes away? its hard to tell but its a dark green mossy like texture.

Also, I do have a brand new tiller that I can use if I have to till up the whole yard to get this fixed. Its a nice big one I inherited before it ever got used. I think the total blade width is about 4' wide.

Also, in the backyard...mainly due to the dogs running...ungrown areas are super sandy like beach sand so I know its not compacted back there but it seems the dead areas in the front are compacted. I've got a pole type aerator and aerator shoes and have tried to aerate several times with no luck...
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