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Originally Posted by agrostis View Post
I don't think river birch tree's are a good choice. That's a weak tree. They are alway's dropping limb's and leave's. They also die young naturally and you will get the blame. The time to plant tree's is in the dead of winter so you have that working against you. I know this is all negative but i repeat. - I don't think river birch is a good tree.

Some info -
Ummm, a couple things.

#1 In the north, most of the time anyways, you can't plant trees in the "dead of winter". There's this thing called frost. It gets in the ground. Sometimes really deep. As in feet deep. Even if it isn't, you end up with frozen chunks of soil that cannot be used to backfill. Not to mention labor is going to kill the pricing.

#2 Trees are only dug at certain times of the year and are only available then.

Not to mention river birch like wet areas, and grow naturally in wet soil.
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