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I did landscaping when I was young.

In 07 the economy took a dump and so did my job. Lucky I had a 42" and 20" mowers and a small 4'x8' trailer. Pulled by a 05 jeep wrangler unlimited. That's the one with the lengthen rear body section and longer wheel base. During mowing season I take out the carpets and keep all the side curtains off so the rear is used as a pick up bed.

Wish I had a pick up truck but other things are needed of more importance.

I consider myself happy now and wish I started this back when I could of went to a local college and gotten a AAS degree in Horticulture/Landscaping 30+ years ago.

At this point I no longer want to work for any one else but myself.

As Coolluv said many people walk around with their chests all puffed out because of their success. But hide the fact their success has nothing to do with themselves but due to family connections and wealth.

Though those with out connections can make it as well in this country though it will take longer.

As to what Coolluv says about the guys not realizing costs working to cheap hurts not just them but the whole industry depressing prices.

This is why I can't understand why people post here saying they sub out to the nationals. Their being low ballers. They will be the first one's to complain about the Mexican's low balling and ruining the industry. Then as soon as they stop complaining about the Mexican's their off out low balling just like the Mexican's.

The thing is when starting out we only get stuck with the problem customers.
The reason is the Good customers are being taken care of and have no need to change. Who knows how many low balling LCO's they had to go through before they found a good one. So they want to keep him.

New LCO's get the cheap ass that is always price shopping.
Or Mr Cheap ass's LCO from last year is out of business from selling their services to cheap.
Or the Mr Free Bee that always say's while you're here can you do this.
Or Mrs Bee Itch that is simply pure pain to deal with.

You see once a LCO gets his schedule filled he starts to drop Mrs Ball Buster, Mr Pain In Ass, Mrs Later Payer, etc.

My schedule is not full so I will take Mr Pain In Ass, Mrs Bee Itch, and Mrs Ball Buster as customers.

I refuse to be a low baller. If I don't get my price I walk away from Mr Cheap Ass.

I will take on Mr Free Bee but I won't do extra work for free. So he will probably drop me. That's ok I got my rate while it lasted.

Mrs Later Payer will be dropped. To many LCO's, I will not be one of the many LCO's that post here that what are they to do their two weeks away from one of their customers being 90 past due. I guess because they are to desperate grow their customer list are afraid to drop customers.

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