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Originally Posted by stackz View Post
ok, you'll have to forgive me. when you say "ammend", what exactly does that entail?? is that like when you add lime/potash/super phosphate to get the pH and the fertility into spec before planting seed?

or is it something else?

also, as for a proper audit, I guess thats more entailed than my pH/N/phos/NH4 test I've done? where do you get this done and how much does it cost? I'll gladly get it done if I can afford it and post results. no problem with that.
Determine current chemical and physical properties of the soil in the areas of interest, then take the appropriate action. That might (and probably will) mean amend with a minimum of lime and compost and till as deep as you can given what you have posted.

Personally I would lose the turf in the front two small areas.
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