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Originally Posted by coolluv View Post

Its possible to start out as Joe Blow and make the big time....but its going to be a lot harder and take a longer time.

Finding good paying and loyal customers is hard....and it takes a long time to build a business on those customers...but it is possible.

You have an interesting post, Dave. It was quite long, so I would like to comment on two key points that you quoted above. Both of them go hand-in-hand, and are how I got started in this business ten years ago. Coincidentally, you and I both service the same market. I have found that being a one-man show has more perks than pits, but one has to develop systems to enable a business to run itself.....well, almost. I have spent much of my downtime marketing my business, and surprisingly it cost me very little financially. Today, online marketing is the way to go. I have a $200.00 web-building program and about $50.00 in signage on my truck. Whenever I mow, I usually leave a couple door hangers on the neighbor's front door. I get calls from 10% of these, and close on about half of them. I print the door hangers myself on card stock from a free online template I downloaded. I treat my customers like gold, and run monthly promos that go in with their monthly invoice. This generates plenty of extra revenue. I also don't lowball bid.
All of these practices equate to a marketing system, a.k.a. my revenue building machine.
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