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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
They actually have two different holes for the front caster axle to mount in on the fropnt forks. the guy who brought my demo out today said that the lower hole was for making it a little better for climbing over certain curbs. Of course, the deck would have to be leveled and the machine used in whichever hole you choose, meaning you can't level it while mounted in the hole it comes from the factory in, and then swao for curb climbing without any adjustments made.

If you look at my pics in the review I put up today, you can see the hole I'm talking about on the front forks.It's just below and back of the stoc mounting hole.
I'm not sure if the holes where originally for this purpose. My 460 even has double holes and when asked I was told it was due to using the same fork for several applications which makes sense to keep cost down.
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