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just to clear some sstuff up yes im 14 and its my fathers bussiness till im 18, ok i may not be ''legally old enough'' to run this equipment but i do and my dad completly trusts me but its not me presenting the stuff its my dad i judt wanted to get some info on it. if im not able to work on the property i can find another employee, but i dont think there would be a problem with me running equip because i dont look 14 and am 6ft and 180 and when i tell people im 14 there sshocked. i have the equipment to do the hospital but would problay need 1 or 2 more men, as i stated before i have the same mowers valley crest runs being a 60 g3 and a 36 gstand i have a 52 gstand i can handel payroll and that happy crap for 90 days being me and my dad our expenses are very low
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