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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Riggle is correct in that birds are not really interestted in grass seed, let alone chipmucks and voles... the seed gets lost in dirt real quick and is not attractive to animals of any sort, until germination... its no different than Sandhill Cranes eating the corn fields for the sprouts...
Seed sitting in the ground for years? all of it?? nothing grows for years and the animals will destry it??? I've never seen that happen,,, and I would like to know of anyone who has overseeded/seeded without irrigation and got nothing for years... plz, report those episodes for everyones' benefit... new mythology?? or just another snide attack???
What i was saying went so far over your head, im not sure i could explain it any more simple.

The reason i think it would be possible for seed to sit and waite for years for the right conditions is because once i threw a handful of seed that was sitting in one of my bins out next to my pole barn, wasnít trying to grow it, just tossed it out to get rid of it. Nothing ever grew, fall came and went, winter came and went, spring came and went, summer came and went then the beginning of the following fall i had baby grass start popping up in that spot, i was astonished. So if it can sit and waite for a year, through 4 seasons, then im willing to bet it would sit there even longer if it didnít get what it needed naturally until it does.
That particular spot just got lucky that the birds and other animals didnít stumble across it, probably because there is a ton of human activity day and night year round where I threw it out on the ground.

Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
Both you and riggle are insane. I have watched birds pick over seeded areas almost clean, and you can bet anything else that eats seeds will take advantage of the feast you just laid down, even areas that have been top dressed with compost. In fact, I took a pic once of one of the little mf's doing just that on an over seeded area. The pic only shows 1 of about 8 that were eating the seed.
They gotta be insane or just not paying attention after they put down seed.
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