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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
Good review RG. I know you've follow some of my threads and have heard it before but I can't stress enough the company support and how driven they are to make a good product better. I wouldn't hesitate at all to buy Gravely and if there is any short coming you'd find don't be surprised if they go out of their way to make it right.
Thanks. I've actually followed all your threads and most of your posts in other threads even though I don't post in them regularly.

I have no doubt of any of that. The salesman said that they like dealing with Gravely better than all the other manu's they carry because they are so eager and willing to take care of their customers. Unless something drastic happens to change my mind, my next mower will be a Gravely, whether that is the stander, or another Z.

I wish I could have had the stander longer so that I could get a little more experienced on it, at least to the point that I would know if it is the right choice for what I want it for. We are winding down very fast here for mowing. Little to no rain, less sunlight, and getting cool quick. I still will be mowing a few places for a week or three more though.
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