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Originally Posted by PapaD View Post
I wonder whether DuPont is delaying everything intentionally or they are just inept. Other than hoping that the statute of limitations runs out, which for most claims is still at least 6 months from now, what do they gain by dragging this out? They must realize that they are driving people to attorneys, which will just make it more costly for them. Are they too big to really care?

One would think DD shareholders care about the possibility of greater financial liability if this drags on and gets more and more expensive for DuPont (interest accruing). But, how many shareholders really know about this is the great question. How many of you have mutual funds that may hold shares of DD within the fund? How many government employees, teachers, police or private sector folks have 401k s that may own shares? I hope for their sakes DuPont's insurance covers part of their Imprelis damages. I believe DuPont has stated in the media they are counting on it.
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