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Originally Posted by superdog1 View Post
I want to clarify that I did these accounts FOR the National and I did not take the contracts from them. The bottom line is that the margins are just to slim to make any $$. Even when I pushed the crew to cut down on the time we had at each location, it still didn't help much.

The National is getting $$ for a property they never even touch, so you know darn well that if you are getting $50 a job, they are billing for $100 and pocketing the difference.

I am thinking about going crazy and grabbing as much of the local accounts I can and then just subbing them all out except for a few to keep my guys working. If the Nationals can do it, so can I?
Funny to joke around and say that but YES people do that!
All you have to do is Find the person who makes all the decisions, Give him or her a BIG Bribe, And they'll give you as many accounts as you want. They will also let you know if anyone else is trying to take your accounts.

This guy wanted me to be a sub for him. He had a HUGE connection with a Property MGMT co. and got every plaza they had in the 6 cities in SE Michigan. He wanted to pay me 60k for an all inclusive that was worth at LEAST double that! I was curious so i had my other landscaper buddy bid it too. (Gave him all the specs that i had.) He was 2k higher than what my number was! It was a about a 150k dollar account. I said no way, he got somebody to do it for cheap, the guy who ended up servicing it left mid-season. Majority of that money went straight to material cost.
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