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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
I'm fairly tall, and I have long enough arms to do this, but I found when backing up on a hill, that if I placed my feet so that the only part of my feet on the platform was from the balls of my feet forward, then leaned back to where my arms were about straightened out, I gained a lot more traction to back up. We shouldn't really need to do that to that extent, but it did help a lot. To be honest, I think that for the average rider from say, 150- 220 lbs, the front/rear weight split could favor the rear a bit more.

I really liked how easy it was to swing the front castors aaround without tearing the turf on the one I had. I think they had the rears a bit over-inflated though, because I had to be almost as careful as I do with my Z that weights twice as much. i didn't bother to try to check or change them since I wasn't going to have it that long, but they felt a little too hard to me, and they looked like it too.
Thanks I will try that. I'm also going to play with the tire pressures as I haven't checked them yet!!
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