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Originally Posted by cuttin-to-the-Max View Post
I said no way, he got somebody to do it for cheap, the guy who ended up servicing it left mid-season. Majority of that money went straight to material cost.
Yeppers!!!!! If you were at $150,000 and they only paid $60,000, you know darn well that more than %50 of almost every job goes to cover gas, wages, wear and tear with breakdowns etc. Even if everything on your trailer is brand new at the start of the season, something WILL break before it ends. Even if it is under warranty, it will cost you time, which is just as bad as having a bill to pay.

Some of the jobs I took are actually COSTING me $$. They are far enough away that until I get there, get the job done and get home, I am in the hole. As I said, I am willing to admit I am an idiot. I signed the contract and no one forced me to do it. It just goes to show that you have to be really careful and be darn sure about what it is you have to do, how often you have to do it and how long it will take each time. Any one of those 3 things could ruin you if you get it wrong.
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