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Originally Posted by GMLC View Post
Hey Ridin', what do you think of this deck? I honestly wasn't expecting the great cut quality I got with it. Seeing how shallow and closed it was. I was told Gravely up graded the old Ever Ride/ Great Dane deck. Maybe the Ever Ride/Great Dane guys can chime in on cut quality...
To be honest, I didn't notice that it was shallow. I never paid any attention to that. It looked deep enough to me considering it was only 48" wide. I just went to the demo with an open mind to see what would happen. I am very impressed with the deck's QOC, at least on my limited demo. I never had to cut any deep grass, but I did mulch up a fairly decent sized pile of leaves with relative ease.

I was going to post in your thread to ask you- is the new deck getting the wider discharge opening, or is that only on the X factor decks?
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