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Originally Posted by Ric View Post
I just got a call from this TG/CL Customer. The TG/CL guy just left her house saying it was Too much rain that caused her plants to Die in Front and still be green on the backside. I wished I had been there to tear him a new One.

She also told me she Googled TG/CL and found all kinds of bad press on line. She claims she never would of hired them if she read the Internet first.

The Customer has shrub replacement Quotes but is still not sure if the Hassle of going after TG/CL in court is worth the effort. I did tell her I never go after my dead beats in court because the Time & Cost wasn't worth it. However get me mad enough and I will spend more than it is worth just to make my point. I also told her companies like True Brown depend on people not suiting. As much as I would love to see her sue True Brown, It is less stressful to walk away. It will alway stick in her mind that TG/CL screwed up her yard.


LMFAO.... ric it was a good thing i wasnt there also or it wasnt my house bc i would have told the guy bull **** also.. what to much rain in fla is there such a thing.. i know this rainy season has been bad but made her shrubs turn brown??? i am no pro but i would've told the guy bs what else you got...

if it was me i would want a statement from TG/CL saying that after i got that i would call them and get ahold of the highest person i could then tell that person i was going to call 5 other lawn compaines in town and have those 5 write up what is wrong with those shrubs then i will see you in court.. i will almost bet they wont go to court...
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